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Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is rather uncommon here in Cincinnati, which is why we wanted to do an article alerting you to what the cause could be if you’re experiencing a decrease in your home’s water pressure.

Most homes in our area actually have high water pressure and have a pressure-reducing valve installed in the home to help adjust the water flow accordingly. So if you normally have decent water pressure and you’ve noticed a drop off in water pressure throughout your home, whether sudden or gradual, you probably want to have a licensed plumber come and check it out.

There are a few possible causes:

If your home is older, you might still have galvanized water lines, which tend to accumulate debris over time. They get clogged a bit like arteries do; over their years of use, debris just builds up until there’s less and less liquid able to flow through. One of our licensed plumbers can help you determine what’s going on with your pipes, and fix it for good.
Water flow might also be restricted at the fixtures themselves if water-saving inserts have been installed.
If it’s just one faucet that’s having trouble with low water pressure, we recommend that you start by cleaning the aerator (the mesh screen that many faucets have to even out or lessen the water flow) and see if that solves the problem.
And on the more serious end of the spectrum, low water pressure can indicate that there is a leak (or multiple leaks) in your pipes. If this is the case, you’ve probably noticed your water bill rising – or else you might get quite the shock next month.

Avoid Serious Damage from Your Water Line

When too little water comes out, you and your family probably find yourselves running the sinks or showers longer than usual, trying to get your hands or bodies cleaned; or running a load of dishes or laundry a second time, because things are still soapy, or dirty. What you might not realize is that a majority of the water coming into your lines might be escaping into the ground, or worse, the structure of your home. Aside from a high water bill, that can cause some serious damage to your home.

If you suspect a leak in your water lines, call BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati right away to get a licensed plumber out to your home to find the source of the problem and get it fixed rapidly. In the meantime, we recommend restricting your water use, or if it’s a serious leak, shutting off the main water supply entirely.

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