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The plumbing industry is having a real problem. All of the skilled trades like HVAC, Electric, Plumbing have a certain license and educational requirements that are mandated by local, city and state codes. Certain amounts of school and on the job training are required to sit for a license test, and after you have your license you are required to complete a certain number of mandated Continuing Education Classes to keep your license. This protects you as a consumer and it protects us as a contractor by requiring us to be up to date with all the current code requirements and industry standards. When I entered the trades over 20 years ago I went to school two nights a week for 5 years to get my journeyman’s license. Five years later I was able to test for my City of Cincinnati Master’s license. Every year now I take 10 hours of continuing education to maintain my state license.

Here is the problem in the plumbing industry and all the other trades as well. BEST Plumbing only hires licensed plumbers to do work in your home as local, city and state regulations require. Most of our competition does not! If you are calling one of the Rooter companies, a company that you hear on the radio, or see on T.V. the odds are the guy they send to your home is not licensed.

Over the past couple of decades, the local agencies that enforce code and regulation have been cut to the bone due to budget constraints. There is simply no-one checking up on these guys and they are taking advantage of it. They are not training them correctly or maintaining the required Continuing Education. Most of these companies will have one or two licensed guys that carry a license for the entire company, but the guys that are doing the work are not trained to industry, local, city or state standards. We see this every day when we are called out to fix the mess that some of these untrained and unlicensed guys create in customer’s homes.

Another driver for this problem is that corporate America is getting into the plumbing business. The big Rooter guys have been corporate owned for years, but a lot of local business that appears to be a small local family owned business is really one that has been bought up by a big corporate company and they still keep the name to give the impression that they are local. This is a problem because training and apprenticeship cost money and time. Corporations want guys on the road making revenue as quickly as possible. They do not see the value in apprenticeship training or continuing education. They are going to do the bare minimum required to keep their bottom line healthy.

Most people are not aware that this is going on. The good thing is that you are informed now because you are a customer of BEST Plumbing, or have done your homework and found us on the web. It is very easy to protect yourself and to ensure that you are getting a trained quality craftsman in your home. Make sure you ask two very simple questions when you are calling for work in your home:

1. ARE YOU LOCALLY OWNED /AND OPERATED?2. IS THE PERSON YOU ARE SENDING TO MY HOME LICENSED?If you ask these simple questions you will weed out most of the problem guys who are dodging local, city, and state regulations. After all if a company is willing to break the law to conduct business is that really someone you want in your home? Remember MAKE THE BEST CHOICE and call BEST PLUMBING!

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