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Time for everyone’s favorite topic! Ready? DRAINS! I know, I know, this is not everyone’s favorite topic – just ours! We are plumbers, after all, and drains are what we do.

Most people don’t think about what is going on in their drain system until they have a back-up. This is O.K. for some people, but for those of you who live in older homes, have large trees in your yard, or have had drain problems in the past, it is not a good idea to ignore your drain system. Drain problems may go undetected for years and may do large amounts of unseen damage. Remember, most of your drain system is located underground and behind walls and ceilings. Catching a drain problem early may save you thousands of dollars in the long run!

The good news is, at BEST Plumbing, we have multiple ways to make sure your drains flow free and clear for a long time. Drain problems do not always mean that you have to do costly and expensive repairs. We have several different size cameras that we can put inside your drains so we can see (and you can see too!) exactly what is going on with your drains. This will help us give you the BEST options for you, your family and your home.

BEST Plumbing is the exclusive Cincinnati distributor of Clear and Clean drain maintenance products. Clear and Clean is designed to liquefy and disperse grease, soap scum, food residue, and other waste build up while quickly cleaning and deodorizing drain lines. Clear and Clean is great for any lines that are slow draining like bathtubs, bathroom sinks, and kitchen sinks. Used as a maintenance product, it breaks down all the buildup in the line and keeps the drain flowing.

For those drains that have large amounts of grease and debris buildup, the BEST way of fixing this problem is through high-pressure water jetting (a.k.a. scour jetting). This is the process of sending a high-pressure water stream down into your pipes that work to break apart that buildup and wash it away. Benefits of jetting include: the ability to be used on all drain lines; safe for all types of plumbing; can prevent you from having to replace drain lines; environmentally friendly (water only, no caustics/chemicals).

BEST Plumbing also carries ROOTX, a foaming, root killing chemical that is placed inside your drains and slowly runs down your drain, coating the root infiltration with said chemical that kills the roots without harming the tree or shrub. Check out their website for more information:

If chemicals or jetting are not enough, be rest assured that the licensed plumbers at BEST Plumbing will have even more options for you to get you and your family back up and running in no time at all. So if you are having drain problems, or have had them in the past, give us a call at (513) 342-0323 to set up a time for one of the BEST Plumbers in Cincinnati to come out and talk to you about what we can do to make sure your drain stay Clear and Clean all the time!

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