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Cincinnati is an old city and has a lot of vintage homes. Vintage homes mean old Cincinnati sewers. If your house was built before the mid-1970’s, the Cincinnati sewer pipe running from your home out to the city sewer in the street is most likely made of clay tile. The clay pipe was made in 3′ to 5′ sections with a bell shaped hub on one end. The spigot (or male) end of the pipe was fitted into the bell (or female) end of the pipe and sealed with mortar mix or a rubber gasket. Over time the ground moves during the freeze and thaw process and those joints begin to fail which allows gaps to open in the clay pipe at the hubs. This allows water and waste to leak out and it also allows roots to grow into the pipe. This root growth is what causes the most damage to clay sewers.

Cincinnati Sewers are pretty simple really. They work on gravity. The pipe that runs from your home is sloped downhill and gravity does the rest. If your Cincinnati sewer backs up it because something got in the way of gravity, usually it is rooted growing in your sewer pipe. Sometimes the root growth is not too bad and the line can be maintained by cleaning the sewer with a cable machine which will cut a path through the root growth on the line. There are a few chemical products on the Cincinnati plumbing market that can inhibit root growth as well.

Once roots find their way into your sewer, they are there to stay. Cables and chemicals will only get you by for so long. In the past, the only way to address these problems meant that you had to bring in large excavation equipment and dig up your yard. At Best Plumbing we can run a camera down the sewer line and show you exactly what is going on with your sewer. We will give you all of the options that are on the market and help you decide the best course of action. We offer a full line of alternatives that include cable cleaning of the sewer. Jett cleaning your Cincinnati sewer with a high-pressure water jet. We can even re-line your sewer pipe with material that will, in essence, give you a new sewer pipe without having to dig up your yard. If your sewer line needs to be dug up and repaired, we can do that as well. Remember…. make the BEST choice!

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