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No one wants a clogged drain, but store-bought drain cleaners are not the solution to your problems. We all know how frustrating it is to shower standing in an inch of water because it isn’t draining properly, or the pain of having a sink that takes an hour to drain your dirty dishwater. It may be tempting to buy a drain cleaner from Lowe’s or Target to quickly fix your problem, but that solution can actually do more harm than good. For clogged pipes, calling a plumber is your best solution. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid using store-bought drain cleaners and call a plumber instead. Why you should call a plumber for a clogged drain Plumbers will completely remove what is clogging your pipes

Chemical solutions in store-bought drain cleaners are formulated to break down whatever is clogging your drain. However, they don’t always break down the entire clog. By calling a professional plumber, you can ensure the entire clog is removed from your drain and nothing gets left behind. Professional plumbers will identify the root cause of a backup.

While you may be tempted with the quick fix of liquid drain cleaners, one of the many issues they pose is that they may not even solve whatever problem you’re having. If there’s a different issue other than gunk in your drain, like sewage backup or a faulty pipe, drain cleaners will definitely do more harm than good. Professional plumbers will assess the cause of the backup and use the best method to effectively resolve the issue. Chemically-based store-bought drain cleaners will cause the pipes to break down over time. Chemicals in drain cleaners intend to break down the material that is clogging the drain, but there is nothing stopping them from also breaking down the pipe. The use of drain cleaners will cause your pipes to leak over time. If you live in an older home, this could be detrimental to your pipe’s plumbing system.

Most natural products don’t work well. There are some drain cleaners that claim to be natural and eco-friendly. While these products may not be harmful to your pipes, our experience has found that they don’t work very well. Best Practices to Avoid Clogged Drains. Be aware of what you are putting down your drain. You can’t wash anything under the sun down the drain and be done with it. Some liquids or food substances can be harmful to your pipes. For example, don’t ever put grease down the drain- it adheres like jelly to the sides of your pipes. Unless you have a garbage disposal, avoid putting any food down the drain. Even with a disposal, be mindful of what foods can and cannot be washed down the drain.

Use drain filters

To avoid hair buildup in places like your shower and bathroom sink, put drain filter covers over the drainage holes. This will prevent most of the hair from washing down the drain, which will cause clogging over time. Keep a drain hair snare in your home.  This tool provides you with a fast and easy way to clear clogs from your drains at home. You can purchase either the drain hair snare or the Ace Hardware Zip Strip for a quick fix when you’re in a bind.

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If your pipes ever appear to be clogged and you want to find a home solution first, check out these helpful tips, like using hot water or vinegar. However, if you try those remedies and the problems persist, your best bet is to call a plumber for assistance.

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