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What should you do when you have an 8 inch drain line that is leaking under a pool? Well, you make the BEST choice and call BEST Plumbing! Every once in a while we get called to a plumbing job that many other plumbing companies, can or will not do. We love it when this happens. Last week we did a repair that very few plumbing companies in the Greater Cincinnati area can do.

We were called to a local municipal pool to look at an 8 inch drain line for the pool that was leaking. The leak was located under the pool deck, and right under the edge of the pool itself. Most plumbing companies would look at this and recommend jack hammering the pool deck and sidewall of the pool to dig up the pipe. We instead recommended using Pipe Patch to repair the line avoid having to jackhammer or dig anything.

Here is the completed drain pipe repair. We used a woven fiberglass patch that was saturated with an epoxy resin. The fiberglass patch was then wrapped around an inflatable bladder and pushed into the line to the point of the repair. We then inflated the bladder to push the fiberglass patch flush against the walls of the pipe. After the resin hardened, we deflated the bladder and pulled it out of the pipe to leave the new patch in place. With this process, we were able to make repairs without digging the pipe up, jack hammering the pool deck or tearing out a section of the pool.

If you are having sewer or drain pipe problems and have been told you need your sewer dug up, or entire sewer system re-lined,at a cost of many thousands of dollars, please give us a call and let BEST Plumbing’s licensed plumbers take a look at what is causing your sewer problem. Our expert licensed plumbers may be able to save you from tearing up your property, saving you thousands of dollars. Make the BEST choice and call us today at (513) 342-0323

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