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The back-to-school season means one thing: parents in a hurry. You have to scramble to buy all sorts of school supplies before the one-cent paper folders run out of stock. You have to rush to make certain your kids are enrolled in all the right extracurricular courses. You need to make haste each morning to get your children to school on time, too! Yes, your back-to-school checklist is going to be busy, but we’re here to tell you to add one more thing to it: a water heater inspection or maintenance.

How Water Heaters & Back-to-School Overlap

While a water heater might not come immediately to mind when you think about sending your little ones off to school again, now is actually prime time to get your water heater serviced. Why? The end of summer, of course. As your children prepare to leave home each day for their education, the summer heat will prepare to leave your home as well. Autumn is well on its way for many regions of the country, which means the daily temperature will start to drop. In turn, it brings an increased demand on your water heater. That’s why you’ll want it inspected during back-to-school season to ensure it is up for the challenge of increased use in the fall and winter.

A fully functional water heater is especially important if you have kids who are enrolled in sports activities, like high school football. Your teen will want a nice hot shower after a long practice or game to feel fresh. Don’t disappoint them with a broken water heater! Plus, you may need to wash some of their gear by hand in your sink or a basin, which means needing a steady supply of hot water.

Back-to-School Water Heater Maintenance in Cincinnati

Up here in Ohio, the fall can sneak up quickly after back-to-school season. Be sure to be ready for it by dialing (513) 342-0323 and connecting with BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati. Our water heater technicians in Cincinnati would be happy to schedule an inspection, maintenance, or repair service for your water heater, letting you check one more thing off your back-to-school checklist.

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