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Water lines bring water from the city or county water supply line to your home. When there is a leak or break, you may notice that your water bill is much higher than usual. You may also notice unexplained puddles in your yard. With our expert plumbing services, water line repair in Cincinnati can be an easy fix. And if replacement is needed, we’ve got you covered.

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During initial water line installations, some contractors are not careful about the materials surrounding the pipe. When rocks press up against the line, especially a line that is made of poly, it can dimple the pipe and eventually cause a leak. Damages also happen over time when the pipes corrode or are intruded upon by tree roots. Fortunately, we have the necessary tools and technology to properly search for leaks and resolve your problem.

First-Rate Water Line Repairs

Once our team locates the leak, we excavate the area to uncover the pipe. If it is located under a driveway or other man-made surface, we can dig around and underneath without damaging the surface. Our goal is to be as minimally invasive as possible. When the leak is revealed, we can determine how extensive the damage is and whether it will require water line repair or replacement. You can count on us to give you honest and knowledgeable answers every time.

The first step of water line repair is always turning off the water supply. We then make clean cuts to remove the damaged area of the pipe. Our Cincinnati plumbers typically use a compression coupler or water line union to replace the problem spot.

Repairing Water Lines Inside of Your Home

If the issue is with a line directly under your home, it can become tricky to fix. Thankfully, we have the ability to excavate and repair your pipes or perform full water line replacement if necessary. Our licensed plumbing specialists can eliminate the problem in record time so you can resume your daily routine.

If you have a pipe above ground that is leaking, we can fix that too. While wrapping electrical tape around it or using a pipe clamp are good temporary fixes, you should replace the problem section before it becomes worse or causes more damage. If your leak is near electrical outlets or devices, shut both the water supply and electricity off and call us. Don’t risk an injury. Let our plumbing experts handle your water line repair.

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Our team is comprised of licensed master plumbers, not subcontractors. So you can count on seeing a familiar face when you become one of our many repeat customers. In addition, all of our plumbers are kept up to date with continuing education courses. We guarantee all of the work that we do so you can rest easy.

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