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Cincinnati Gas Line Services

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Gas lines run throughout your home and help to transfer clean energy to your modern appliances. Many appliances run on gas energy, including water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, and furnaces. When things go wrong with these appliances, the safest thing to do is call our team at BEST Plumbing. We are a family of experienced plumbers that is committed to ensuring your family’s safety and comfort.

Give our handy gas line specialists a call at (513) 785-0957 if you are interested in installing, repairing, or rerouting your gas lines!

Gas Lines for Water Heaters

It’s an unfortunate reality that most homeowners have to replace their hot water heaters at least once. Life expectancy varies, but 8-12 years is a reasonable estimate. If your old appliance is electric, you are no longer limited to that option. A plumber can quickly install gas lines for more energy-efficient water heaters.

Make The BEST Choice | Schedule Your Service Today We guarantee all repairs completed to Ohio and local plumbing codes because we are actual licensed plumbers.
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The Importance of Safety

Many at-home handymen insist on doing this entire job on their own and the pride of ownership is understandable. But gas line installation should always be handled by an experienced plumber that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Our first concern on any repair or replacement is safety. Before we undertake any work, our team checks the entire run for corrosion, leaks, or any other damage. We can make any repairs or replacements before we install new appliances. If you are planning to remodel and location is an issue, we are happy to extend your gas lines and water lines for a more appropriate placement.

Reliable Replacements

If your previous installation has an older gas line shut-off valve, our gas line professionals can replace it with a new reliable valve.

We go the extra mile to perform services that ensure optimal function, including:

  • We go back and recheck our work by testing for leaks after making the final connections
  • We re-inspect the entire installation
  • We bleed excess air from the gas lines to ensure that you have a perfect flame for optimal operating conditions
We ALWAYS recommend calling a qualified plumber, but here are some general bits of information to help you know when it's time.

Kitchen Gas Lines

Home cooks and professional chefs alike have distinct preferences when it comes to cooktops. For many, natural gas is the only way to go. If you are stuck with an electric stove that just doesn’t meet your standards, give us a ring. Our master plumbers can provide your kitchen with natural gas line installations in Cincinnati.

New work is usually routed through walls, basements, or crawl spaces for minimal disruption. In older homes, we can repair and replace gas lines that may have been damaged by water leaks, construction, or age. Customers are always impressed at how well we can hide gas lines when running them through their homes.

For all of your gas appliance needs, reach out to our Loveland hometown plumbers. We provide guaranteed safe installation, repair, and replacement of gas lines.

Turn to the BEST plumbers for reliable and efficient gas line services in Cincinnati.  Contact us at (513) 785-0957.

Furnace Gas Lines

Home heating is one of the biggest users of natural gas and propane (LP). Gas furnaces are not only more energy-efficient, but the fuel is generally cheaper than electricity. Upgrading from a unit that is over ten years old will produce significantly lower utility bills. If you are replacing an older electric furnace, the cost of gas line installation will be easily recovered by the savings you will see on your energy bill.

Some homes, especially in rural areas, utilize propane (LP) for fuel. LP is delivered by truck and stored in a large underground or above-ground tank on the property. These outdoor pipes and connections are even more susceptible to corrosion. Small leaks might go undetected and cost you a lot of money. We repair and replace gas lines for economy and safety.

Many appliances can be used with either fuel, but they may require special fittings. If you move to a home that uses LP or you are buying new appliances, ask one of our resourceful plumbers to check all of the gas lines and to properly install your equipment.

    “Prompt, courteous, and professional. Used BEST plumbers a few times now. Each time I’ve had a good experience. They’re very knowledgeable and will not try to upsell or provide you with stuff you don’t need. Worth the price of the visit and repairs.”

    B. Munoz