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Silencing Leaks for Over Three Decades

Letting your faucet continue to leak for days is not only wasteful, but it contributes to a spike in your water bill. Thankfully, our Cincinnati faucet repair professionals are here to put that leaky faucet to rest. We have over 50 years of experience as Cincinnati plumbing contractors and are prepared to handle almost everything!

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Drips can be annoying, especially in the middle of the night. It can also cost you money and waste water, a valuable natural resource. One drip every two seconds wastes over 1,000 gallons of water per year!

We are a hometown plumber that can fix a dripping faucet right the first time. Whether the problem lies in your kitchen sink, bathroom fixture, basement, or outdoor hose bib, we are on the job with licensed master plumbers and full-time technicians who undergo regular training.

Leaky Faucet Repairs

Oftentimes, when homeowners try to repair faucets on their own, they do not receive the results that they are looking for. Making a leak a DIY activity may not be as fun as it sounds and can be costly if you purchase the wrong parts. Something as simple as a leak is not always easy to resolve if you are without the proper tools and experience. For repairs that you can count on, choose BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati.

Faucet leaks are usually due to:

  • Issues with a degraded seals
  • Corroded parts
  • Built up valve seating

A variety of problems can arise from mineral deposits in your hard water. Whether it be in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room sink, this water can seep past the gasket and out of the tap. Fortunately, we have decades of experience to quickly assess and resolve this problem. In addition to taking care of your faucet, make sure your drains are working properly as well!

Knowing When a Replacement Is Needed

Faucet repairs are usually easy, especially if they are simple leak repairs. However, there are times when the small problem reveals a bigger problem and a replacement is needed. We might recommend a replacement if your existing fixture is worn out or beyond repair. One exception to this is outdoor faucet repair. When your outdoor faucet is leaking, we replace the hose bib when the existing one begins to drip.

Working to Accommodate Your Needs, Budget & Style

If you notice that there are cracks along the housing of your hot and cold water controls, be sure to give us a call right away. These cracks can lead to leaks. Our experienced team can replace the unit entirely using the highest quality parts and fixtures.

We even have our own catalog that features the most trustworthy brands. So if you need to replace your faucet or any plumbing fixture, we can provide you with a convenient list of options and help you make the best and more affordable decision for your home.

Fortunately, many of the faucets and fixtures today are built for both water conservation and great looks. Many fixtures have parts that aerate the water so you use less without even knowing it, which means that your water bill will decrease. With our knowledge and expert installation methods, you don’t need to worry about leaky faucets in your home.

Don’t wait until the drip becomes a steady dribble and your water bill spikes. We are BBB accredited Cincinnati plumbers and we have also been top-rated for our excellent customer service by Angie’s List and Pulse of the City News! Take a look at our testimonials!

When it comes to places as important as your bathroom, no questions should ever go unanswered. Get in touch with our faucet repair and replacement specialists today! You can contact us at (513) 785-0957.

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