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Unique use of Pipe Patch!

Large Public Pool Empty

Plumber renovating empty pool

Shamrock Enterprises is a company here in Cincinnati that specializes in repair and renovation of large commercial pools. They called us with a problem a few weeks ago and asked for our help. The two main recirculating / drain lines at the Gamble Nippert YMCA indoor pool were in rough shape, corroded cast iron with multiple leaks in the 6” pipe that went through the deepest part of the pool. We had the BEST solution for them and were able to install 2 6” Pipe Patches that kept them from having to tear out the headwall of the pool and saved them and the YMCA thousands of dollars.

We usually install these patches in sewer lines that have roots growing through cracks or separations in the pipe. It was fun to install these in a different way than we are used to and it felt great to help our customer save thousands of dollars! This is a great way to show our customers how the Pipe Patch process works and how it looks when it is completed. If you have any questions or are having problems with your sewer please call us anytime at (513) 785-0957.

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