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Trying to find out what to do for a clogged drain? Some drain clogs can be fixed rather easily on your own, but if that fails, our licensed plumbers are here to help. If you are trying to figure out what to do for a clogged drain, try this: Household items that may help: Hot water, bleach, and vinegar have all been known to unclog pipes and they sometimes work but pose problems of chemical reactions or even damaging the porcelain in a toilet or sink. The bleach or vinegar work by eating away at the debris, just like a product you would get at a grocery store.

Be patient: If you are using bleach or vinegar be sure to give it some time. Remember, it has to eat away at the debris, so it’s best to pour it down without water, if possible, and let it do what it does best.

Call a pro: Don’t be afraid to call a licensed plumber to handle this. In some cases, the clogs are so bad that they need professional treatment. Too many DIY ideas can cause damage to your pipes and that’s worse than any clog. Not to mention, combining chemicals down your pipes is never a good idea and can pose extreme threats to your safety.

What NOT To Do For A Clogged Drain

Keep flushing: If the water is not going down or it is going down very slowly, let it drain. Do NOT continue flushing or adding water to try and increase the pressure. Once it’s drained you can try flushing again to see if that helps, but the more you flush with water levels high, the more likely you will have to grab a mop.

Shove more stuff in: You ate a frog to eat the bug, you ate a mouse to eat the Frog, you ate a cat to eat the mouse. Ever hear that story read to children? The same is true for clogs. Don’t shove more stuff down there trying to free up the debris. This includes garden hoses! This problem is not going to be fixed by shoving a hose down a pipe and turning the water on full blast.

Is Drain Cleaner Good For Clogs?

Are drain cleaners, bleach and vinegar good for clogs? Sometimes they will get the job done and get your pipes running smoothly again. However, in some cases, they can cause damage to your pipes or present a serious danger to the person trying to unclog it. This can be especially so if these chemicals are used several times. If you have frequent clogs, or the clog won’t clear out, then you should hire a licensed plumber to get to the bottom of the problem rather than risk a chemical mess. The team at Best Plumbing Service of Cincinnati is more than happy to give you helpful ideas for fixing any plumbing problems you might have. In the case of what to do with a clogged drain, there are some options that may work. However, if it’s a recurring problem or just won’t clear out, we recommend you give us a call to get to the real root of the issue.

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