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We love Cincinnati homeowners, which is why we want to let you know about a few key plumbing mistakes that you should know about to save yourself a lot of pain and wasted money.

Throwing trash in the toilet

Most homeowners use common sense to avoid throwing any large or random objects in the toilet, but you’d be surprised at some of the things our plumbers have found in a sewer line clog.

A couple of the biggest offenders we’ve found are:

Paper towels – these should never go anywhere but the trash can
Feminine hygiene products – even when they’re marketed as able to be flushed, it’s not worth the potential pain of a clog and having to call a plumber.
Luxury toilet paper – as nice as it is for your behind, it’s not so nice to your pipes’ innards. All that extra-strength material is much harder to break up once it gets into your sewer system. Just realize if you continue using it, you’re likely to have a clog more often than your neighbor who sticks to the “bargain brand.”
Not preparing pipes for freezing temperatures in winter

If any of your home’s pipes are on exterior walls and are prone to freezing, be prepared and take action to safeguard against freezing pipes.

Leave both hot and cold taps slightly open, setting any and all affected faucets to drip anytime the temperature dips below 32.

If you’re going to be vacationing, it’s a good idea to shut off water to your home and drain your plumbing lines before you leave to prevent freezing.

“Price shopping” for plumbers

Most Cincinnati homeowners are on budgets, and surprise visits from a plumber usually aren’t factored in.

That being said, if you shop around to find the cheapest price, more often than not they’re the cheapest for a reason. There are expenses related to running a small business, and many of those expenses are there for the customer’s benefit, like licenses, insurance, etc.

Companies that have low prices often have fewer qualifications, and thus lower prices. Shoddy workmanship can lead to further, more expensive problems in no time at all.

Find a licensed plumber who does great work and is still in a reasonable price range. You might pay a few more bucks today, but it could save you thousands!

Postponing repairs on “small problems”

While a small leak seems like no big deal, it could be a symptom of a much larger problem. Don’t wait to find out if that trickle is coming from a pipe that’s about to burst. A quick visit from your local licensed plumber can often stave off major problems, damages, and extensive repairs.

BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati has a Master Plumber’s License and is proud to have been serving the area for more than 30 years now. Make the BEST choice and call BEST Plumbing today at (513) 785-0957!

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