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Many old houses weren’t built to accommodate a convenient laundry room. With new construction, there is plenty of opportunity to put the laundry room on the main level of the house. For older homes, laundry rooms were added in after the fact, typically in the basement. If you find it annoying to lug laundry up and downstairs, you may be able to consider moving your laundry room. This is a big job for both electrical and plumbing consideration, and here are some things regarding the plumbing that you should consider.

Plumbing considerations for moving your laundry room
You need a water intake

For the washing machine to be able to wash clothes, it needs water. Your washing machine needs to be hooked up to a water intake where it will pull water into the machine. This water intake will come from your main water line, so when determining where to put your laundry room that water line location needs to be taken into consideration. Need water discharge.

Along with an intake, you need a water discharge to expel water from the washing machine. This also needs to connect to the main water system in your home to recycle the water that’s used by the machine. Pipes need to be certified for hot and cold water.

Because a washing machine uses both hot and cold water, the pipes that connect to it need to be certified to handle both. If the pipes aren’t properly certified for the use of hot and cold water, they can crack or leak and cause a lot of damage to your home.

A washing machine leaking in the basement isn’t great, but it leaking on the first or second floor can cause tons of other issues in your home and even lead to the whole house flooding. You need a plan in place and protection against leaks that may occur.

To assess whether or not you are able to move your laundry room to a different place in your house and to carry out the job, we recommend calling a licensed plumber. They will be able to determine if this is a possibility, if your pipes can handle it, and where the best placement will be for your machine. Moving your washing machine hookup is a big job that needs to be done right so you want to be certain you are in good hands.

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