Best Plumbing is Now a Part of Bassett Services!

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Welcome to Best Plumbing’s website! We hope you have a few moments to explore our new site, read about our services, and learn what differentiates Best Plumbing from our competition! We are a family-owned and operated plumbing company, and we work tirelessly to earn your trust and business. Here are some highlights of our new site:

Best Access to information – you can see what plumbing services we offer quickly and easily without having to search. The site is easy to navigate as well, with direct links to our Services from the Home page.
Best Blog – the blog is a great forum for us to present timely plumbing tips and information to you on a very regular basis. Check back frequently to read about interesting tips and stories, and if you want to comment on a blog entry, we certainly want to hear from you! You are welcome to submit a comment in the provided form.
Best Tips – throughout our site, you will notice various plumbing tips. This is our way of providing the BEST possible service to you. Some plumbing repairs can be avoided when you have good information available to you.
Best Availability – Best Plumbing is there for you. While many of our competitors advertise that they are on call 24-7, that is not always the case. Or, often, they have technicians respond that are not licensed plumbers. Best Plumbing employs only licensed plumbers!
Best Contact – our Contact form is more than just another page on our web site. It provides a simple means for you to request information from us. We will receive a notification that you’ve requested information, and one of our representatives will respond to you promptly.

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