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BEST Plumbing has been chosen by Pipe Patch to be one of only a select few contractors in the Great Cincinnati area that is certified by the manufacturer to install the Pipe Patch system on sewer lines. Pipe patch is a very cost effective way to repair compromised sewers without digging up your yard! Pipe Patch is pretty much what the name implies… is a 2’ patch that is inserted into your sewer from a cleanout access that covers problem spots like root intrusion, pipe shifts, separations, cracked and even missing sections of pipe. We recently installed a patch for a customer and below are a few pictures of the process.

Joint to be patched is separated, shifted up, and sagging in the upper left corner. The shift at the bottom caused solids and paper to get snagged which built up to a point where it clogged the sewer and made it back up into the house several times. The separation at the bottom also has a section of pipe missing. This separation allows roots to grow into the pipe which blocks the line even more. The separation also allows water to escape the pipe which loosens the soil underneath and causes the pipe to drop or sag. That is why you see standing water in the line.

Look at the bottom of the pipe under the water and you can see a section of pipe is missing the patch is a woven fiberglass that is impregnated with a two part resin. This picture shows the patch wrapped around the “Packer”.

The patch is secured to the “Packer” and we insert it into the floor cleanout and push it out to the problem spot. The “Packer” is then inflated with air until it inflates to the diameter of the host pipe. After the resin cures the “Packer” is deflated and pulled out of the pipe leaving the cured patch in place.

This is what the joint looks like after the patch has cured. The new patch blocks out any root intrusion into the pipe. The strength of the woven fiberglass patch will also keep the pipe from shifting or sagging any further.

The edges of the patch are smooth where it bonds to the existing pipe. This customer had only one bad spot of pipe in their line, but it caused several sewer back-ups that were costly and messy. In the past this customer would have had only two options, dig up the line and fix it or re-line the whole sewer lateral. If they dug it up we would have had to bring in a large excavator and dig down 9’ deep to expose the sewer line, cut the pipe and replace the bad section. We would then have to backfill the hole and mound the dirt up to allow it to settle. The bad spot was also under the concrete sidewalk that leads up to the house and that would have been removed and replaced. That option would have cost $3,000 to $4,000 for the sewer repair and left them with a huge mess. We could also re-line the sewer for them, but that process entails re-line of the whole sewer which was over 50’ long. The cost for that option would have been well over $7,000.With the Pipe Patch system we were able to solve the problem without a mess for under $1,500. That is quite a considerable savings! So if you have had sewer back-ups or know that you have a problem with your sewer, but just have not been able to afford to have it fixed BEST Plumbing has an option for you. Give us a call today at (513) 342-0323 to have one of our licensed plumbers come out and see if Pipe Patch is an option for you!

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