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As temperatures are dropping, most people are focusing on how to keep themselves warm. Please keep in mind that it’s also important to be mindful of how you’re protecting the inner workings of your house from the cold, including your pipes. Over 250,000 homes experience frozen pipes each year, and this can be detrimental to your home if not caught in time. Even a slightly leaky faucet can cause your pipes to freeze. If the pipes burst, that leaky faucet costs you a lot more than a quick trip to Lowe’s. One way that you can help protect your pipes this winter is by insulating them. Here are a few benefits you will see from taking the effort to insulate the pipes in your home.

Insulated pipes keep your water hotter

The water from your heater has to travel through a network of pipes to get to your shower, and this network sometimes spans multiple floors. As the water travels through the pipes, it loses heat. Insulating your pipes can help the water retain heat, increasing your shower temperature by 2-4 degrees.

Your shower or sink water heats up faster

Because insulated pipes prevent the water from losing as much heat as it travels through your home, the water you see coming out of the faucet or shower head becomes the right temperature more quickly. This means you don’t have to let your shower run as long before you can get in, which helps your home conserve water usage.

Insulating your pipes reduces moisture buildup

Water traveling through the pipes to different areas of your home can lose heat, and this heat loss causes moisture to build up on the pipes. This moisture buildup on the outside of pipes can cause mold, humidity issues, and water damage. Insulating your pipes reduces the amount of moisture building up on the outside of your pipes.

Insulated pipes help prevent them from freezing

Any temperature below 32 degrees is a risk for your pipes, with the high risk threshold being around 20 degrees according to Consumer Report. Insulating your pipes is a great way to protect them against freezing in low temperatures, which can save you thousands of dollars that you would have to spend if your pipes burst. Insulating your home’s pipes is a relatively simple and cost-effective solution to many cold-weather plumbing problems. You can DIY it using insulation from your local home goods store, or call your favorite plumber. Don’t miss out on this cost-saving, energy-efficient lifestyle improvement!

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