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In the past we have posted blogs on local plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service companies that pay their “technicians” on a commission based pay system. Unfortunately since our last post we have seen an increase in the number of plumbing companies in the Cincinnati area that pay their employees this way.

Don’t get us wrong. We do not think there is a problem with paying sales people on commission. However, we are not sales people, we are licensed plumbers! At BEST Plumbing we do not feel that plumbers should be selling! When plumbing problems happen they need to be fixed fast. Most homeowners do not have much experience in dealing with plumbing issues and they rely on the experts they call into their homes. Can you really trust the recommendations from someone who is paid on commission? Or is he taking advantage of your situation to oversell you?

There is one big company here in town who advertises that their “technicians” receive over 120 hours of training per year. This leads you to believe that their “technicians” are highly skilled right? What it really means is that most of those 120 hours of training is SALES training and not technical training! They are highly trained and skilled in ways to sell you more, not how to take care of your plumbing issues.

At BEST Plumbing all of our plumbers are licensed. We pay for all of our apprentices to go to a 4 year apprentice program. When we do training it is technical training to insure that our plumbers are prepared to handle your plumbing issues correctly and quickly. All of our plumbers are paid hourly whether they are driving to your home, in training, at supply houses, or waiting on an inspector. They are not concerned about how much you are spending, but rather how we can BEST handle your plumbing issues.

If you have a plumbing issue in the future please remember to ask 2 questions before you book a call, even if it is with another company:

Is the plumber coming into my home a licensed plumber?
Do you pay your “technicians” on commission?

If they tell you they are sending an un-licensed commission paid plumber to your home…..be careful!

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