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Take a look at this monster root! We used our high-pressure trailer jetter to pull this root out of one of our customer’s sewers last week. It is easily one of the thickest roots we have ever seen growing in a sewer. We had to open the sewer and expose one end of this thing and use a saw to cut it in half. You can see in the picture how thick it was. I put the coffee cup in the picture for reference. Once we cut it in half we were able to use the jetter to remove all the debris and pull the biggest section of the root out of the line. We then cleaned out the rest of the line to remove much more root mass and then repaired the compromised section of sewer pipe.

It reminds us that root season is coming up quick. In the summer trees get most of their nutrition from their leaves. In the fall when the weather starts to change and the leaves begin to fall trees will seek out new sources of nutrition and the root system becomes more active. Your sewer is like a magnet for roots, it is warmer than the ground around it, and has a steady stream of water and nutrients.

So if you have had root problems in the past remember that at BEST Plumbing we have all the options available to help you keep roots from blocking your sewer. We offer chemical treatments, cable and blade root removal, hydo jetting to scour clean your sewer pipes. We are alos one of only a few approved vendors of the Pipe Patch system where we can float a 2” section of resin coated, woven fiberglass to “patch” sections of pipe where roots are getting into your sewer. The Pipe Patch is an extremely affordable solution to alleviate problems from root infiltration into your sewer. If you have been told that you need to dig up your sewer, Pipe Patch can be installed for about ¼ of the price of a conventional excavation without all the mess.

Don’t let your roots grow like this one.Make the BEST choice and call BEST Plumbing today! (513) 342-0323

Here are a few links for some more information of available products and information on root growth in sewers. Here is a great presentation from Clemson University. An article from Pipe Patch. And some more information for homeowners from RootX.

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