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A lot of times drains are clogged with roots, grease build up and debris but water never backs up into the house until the spring rains come. Most sewer lines are clogged way before they back up. I know… this does not make any sense but think about it for a minute. You wake up, you take a shower, fix breakfast, maybe a few other people take showers, and use the plumbing. Your sewer line may be clogged, and what happens is the line begins to fill up. The clog may be 50 or 60 feet out from your house…usually right next to that beautiful big tree in your yard. That means you have 50 or 60 feet of empty 4” or 6” pipe to fill with water and waste. The line is almost full and ready to overflow at your floor drain in the basement and bam…everyone leaves the house for work, for school, wherever your busy life takes you. Now that full pipe that is about to overflow starts to seep. The liquid in the line starts to slowly drain down through the mass of roots or grease, or through separations in the pipe and eventually, all the water is gone leaving behind all the solid waste and the homeowner never see the signs that their drains are clogged. A lot of times the separations in the pipe that allow the roots to grow in are the same separations that allow the water to seep out into the ground.

Now imagine that it is spring time, and it has been raining for a few days and the ground is saturated. There is nowhere for the water in the clogged pipe to drain to. Now you have a backup up in the floor drain in the basement. There are a large number of older home in the Cincinnati area that have “combination” sewers. This means that all of your downspouts, window well drains and area drains tie into your sanitary sewer. If your sewer lines is clogged and heavy rains hit, there is no place for the water to go except into your basement.

Enough of the bad news….now for the BEST news! At BEST Plumbing we have the answer to this problem. With our high-pressure Hydro-Jetter, we can cut all those roots and debris from your sewer line and return it to almost like new condition. In the picture above you can see our tow behind unit. This machine has a 300-gallon water tank inside and a diesel engine that produces up to 4000 PSI of pressure and 18 gallons per minute of water to cut and clear even the most stubborn of root, grease or debris problems. This machine has 500 feet of hose on a hydraulic reel in the back. At the end of this hose we have several specially designed nozzles that cut, push, or pull the hose, the pressure, and the water through the line to clear and clean your sewer. Here is a link to the product. Here is a link to a video that shows one of these nozzles in action. In this video, they stuff two heads of lettuce and a whole chicken into a 4” clear pipe. They then put in the Warthog jet nozzle just like the one we use at BEST Plumbing. The video is pretty short, but it dramatically shows how a hydro jetter works, and how well it can clean your sewer.

If you have any questions about Hydro-Jetting and how it can help you please call us at (513) 342-0323 today, and remember….Make the BEST choice…call BEST Plumbing.

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