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How To Unfreeze Pipes

This winter, one of the biggest threats to your home’s plumbing system is frozen pipes. If any of your water lines aren’t as well-insulated as you thought, they might be at risk of freezing over next time the Cincinnati temperatures get low. Since most pipes are well hidden, you probably won’t spot the damage visually. More than likely, what will tip you off to the freeze is when you try to turn on your tap and nothing comes out. It’s important to know what to do in case you do find any frozen pipes, as taking the right action quickly is going to be the key to preventing any serious damage from occurring.

When pipes freeze over, it’s only a matter of time until the pipe bursts. Once that water melts, you’ll have a giant mess on your hands, and you’ll need a lot more than just a Cincinnati plumber to help you clean it up. Let’s avoid all that, shall we?

Locating the Frozen Pipe

The first thing to do when you suspect a frozen pipe is to find the pipe in question. It will probably be in an area where it is exposed to the freezing temperatures, like in an unfinished basement, attic or uninsulated walls. Sometimes the pipe will be visibly frozen over (with frost on the outside), but not always, so inspect a little closer if you don’t find it at first glance. Once you find the pipe, try to narrow down where exactly it’s frozen over by opening the nearest faucet to see where water does and doesn’t flow. Once you’ve found the frozen pipe, it’s time to thaw it out – the right way.

Thawing Frozen Pipes

You’ll need to warm the pipe to unfreeze the water inside, but doing so can be tricky. There are a lot of fire hazards associated with using open flames, space heaters and the like.

Try to thaw the frozen pipe by doing the following:

  • Start by turning on your home’s heating system
  • Open up the cabinets around the affected pipes
  • Let the warm air start working on the cool metal
  • Use a hair dryer to blow warm air evenly across the affected area
  • Move the hair dryer back and forth across the affected pipe

If there are complications, you notice any damage to the pipes, or you’re having trouble finding the right one, call in a licensed plumber. BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati is available to help you avoid any plumbing disasters this winter. Our team of licensed plumbers can thaw and repair frozen pipes quickly and safely, keeping your home safe and dry. If you need help with your home’s plumbing system, make the BEST choice and call BEST Plumbing.

If you want to talk to someone right away about frozen pipe repair, you can reach us at (513) 342-0323

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