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Keep Water Lines from Freezing with a Few Simple Steps

The Cincinnati weather forecast can threaten some shocking temperatures in the winter months. When a polar vortex or a wild winter storm kicks up, the vicious temperature drops can cause damage to all kinds of plumbing features. When this kind of weather arrives, it is vital to remember to protect your plumbing water and waste line pipes from freezing.

A few simple steps can help protect your pipes, plumbing, and water lines in freezing weather:

Look at where your water line pipes are located. If the water lines are located inside your house, but on a wall that is not insulated, you will need to insulate those pipes to reduce the chances of freezing.
Investigate your house for any cold air leaks, or drafts. If you feel cold air coming in near water lines then insulate to keep the cold air from hitting the water lines.
Keep your garage sealed. If you know your plumbing water lines or your plumbing waste lines run in your garage, then you will need to keep your garage door closed during temperature drops.
Don’t forget about your outside hose faucets. If they are still connected then disconnect immediately, and you may need to drain the water supply line.
At night the temperatures drop even lower. When you go to bed make sure to open up the cabinet doors. This will keep the warmer air circulating all through your house and on the plumbing pipes.
Keep your heat turned to 55 degrees or higher. Even at night, when you are snuggled under your blankets, you will need to keep your heat turned to at least 55 degrees to keep the plumbing flowing.
Make sure you have your plumbing shut off valves located. If a plumbing water pipe does rupture, you will need to know how to immediately shut off your water. BEST Plumbing can identify and valve tag all your plumbing shut off valves for you during our plumbing service call.

If you find you are not getting any water to a faucet, your water line could be frozen. BEST Plumbing® of Cincinnati has all the necessary plumbing equipment to thaw a water line or performing freezing water line repairs, and if we can get to it quickly, we may be able to thaw the plumbing pipe before the pipe bursts. Don’t wait until your plumbing water and waste line ruptures. This weekend, Call BEST Plumbing at (513) 342-0323 to have a licensed plumber for immediate plumbing service in Loveland and surrounding Cincinnati locations.

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