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Cincinnati is full of bad sewers. That’s is no secret to a lot of us in the plumbing trade, and a lot of homeowners are all too familiar with the problems that can cause the need for emergency¬†sewer repair. A sewer, just like every other mechanical system in a house has a useful life. That means it will wear out and needs to be replaced. The problem with your sewer is… you can’t see it.

Think about it for a minute. Your roof needs to be replaced every 15-25 years. You see it every day, you know it is looking rough, and you can prepare yourself for the inevitable. Most furnaces last 10-15 years. You see those things when you change the filters, you hear the sounds it makes. No-one wants to spend the money to replace a furnace, but you know it is coming sooner or later.

Now… think about your sewer. You use it all day every day, you take it for granted until one day as you walk through the basement you notice a large puddle around your floor drain… and there is more than just water in that puddle. You call a plumber to come out and WHAM! It is time to replace your sewer. No time to prepare, one day you flush and it all goes away, and the next day some one is telling you that your sewer is shot and you need to dig it up. What do you do? Well, the first thing you should do is NOT PANIC! Call around and make sure you get multiple opinions. Believe it or not, some companies out there may not be telling you the truth and the line they tell you is broken, may not be broken after all.

Best Plumbing will video inspect your sewer line to determine why you are having sewer back-ups. We send a small camera down your sewer and it shows you what is going on and it also tells us where the problem is and how deep it is. Best Plumbing can offer many alternatives to you that may not require digging up your yard. We show you what is causing the problem, educate you on why it is a problem, and then give you all available options so you can make the BEST choice!

Contact us right away for fast, reliable sewer repairs in Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas.

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