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As we’re heading into the rainy spring season, it’s important to be sure that the drainage systems in your home are all working properly. Water build-up around your home can cause a lot of damage, so maintaining everything that works to keep water away from your house is critical to protecting it. An easy place for water to build up and cause damage is the water coming off your roof. Both from condensation and rain, that water needs to be drained off of your roof and away from your house. Without an adequate drainage system, the water will fall off the sides of your roof and pool next to the house, which can cause problems with the foundation or can lead to flooding in your basement. One of the main components of your home’s water drainage is your gutter system, and a crucial element of your gutter system is the downspout, and what is even more critical is having extended downspouts away from your home’s foundation.

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The downspout is the part of your gutter system that allows water to flow down and away from your home. Gutters run horizontally across the roof of your house, and your downspout runs vertically to drain any water that collects on your roof. The top end of the downspout attaches to your gutters. As water collects in the gutters from rain and condensation, they flow through the gutter system to the downspout, which drains the water from the gutters. Most downspouts run from the gutters to the ground, then curve outward to redirect the water away from your home.

What is an extended downspout?

Extending your downspout means adding on to the vertical drain from your gutters to ensure water is directed even farther away from your home. At BEST Plumbing, we recommend extending your downspout at least 6 feet away from your home. Pictured below are our recommended systems of downspouts that extend underground, moving the water as far away from your foundation as possible. When large amounts of water from rainstorms aren’t directed far enough away from your home, many problems can arise over time. These extended downspouts direct the water far enough away from your foundation to help prevent issues

Problems that can occur without extended downspouts

The excessive amount of water surrounding your foundation softens the soil which causes your foundation to sink. Unnecessary pressure is put on your foundation from water buildup, which creates cracks in your foundation. This water buildup also leads to mold.  An excess of water underneath concrete slabs (think: driveways and sidewalks) can cause them to sink.  Sinking driveways are not properly graded and direct even more water to your home.  Pictured below is an example of a faulty system causing water to build up at the foundation:

At BEST Plumbing, we want your home to be protected from water damage. Take a look at your water drainage system, and if you aren’t using extended downspouts or you notice water pooling at your foundation, reach out today. BEST Plumbing guarantees all plumbing repairs to Ohio plumbing codes in order to provide the best plumbing systems in town.  Call us and we’ll help you extend your downspouts to provide necessary protection to your home’s foundation.

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