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Spring is finally upon us, and with spring comes the rainy season. This time of year, it is essential to ensure all mechanics that protect your home from water are properly functioning. A critical part of your water drainage system is your sump pump, which functions to pull water away from your home’s foundation. When it rains a lot, water builds up in the ground around your home. This water buildup can put pressure on the foundation of your house and cause lots of damage. If your drainage system includes a sump pump, that machine works within your basement to pull the water away from your foundation and expel it farther away from your home.

For the sump pump to work properly and have a long life, it needs to be inspected regularly. Our team at BEST Plumbing recommends that our clients have their sump pumps inspected once every year.

Why you should have your sump pump inspected
Have your sump pump inspected to ensure it is clean

When sump pumps pull water away from your home, dirt and debris can get carried away in the water. This dirt builds up inside your sump pump and can cause it to run less efficiently. The buildup of dirt in the sump pump also shortens its lifespan. To ensure an efficient, long-lasting sump pump, be sure to have it inspected and cleaned once a year.

Confirm your discharge pipe is working well

Your discharge pipe should expel the water from your sump pump at least 20 feet away from your home. It should be in a spot that will keep the water away from your home (so for example, not on a hill that leads the water back towards your foundation). You also need to ensure the pipe is clear and functioning properly.

Test your sump pump alarm

Sump pumps have alarms that indicate if it isn’t working properly (whether due to power loss, clogs, etc.). If the alarm isn’t working properly, then you won’t be alerted if anything is wrong that could cause your home to flood. When it comes to the drainage system in your home, no precaution should be spared. Having your sump pump professionally inspected once a year can save you a lot of headaches and a lot of money. Our team at BEST Plumbing is the best for the job and we would love to help you get prepared for the rainy season- contact us today!

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