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A couple of weeks ago, BEST Plumbing posted a check list for your sump pump, and how they work. Earlier this week, we were at a customer’s house who called because his sump pump was running constantly and water was rising out of his sump pit. Our plumbers arrived, did some investigation and found the pump was working fine and doing its job. The reason for the constant pump running was ….the drain line was clogged and the water the pump was moving out of the house had nowhere to go. Take a look at the culprit below.

That is one serious root! It took a while to cut this root out of the drain line, but once we cleared it, all was well.

We see this a lot. Luckily, we were able to get this line cleared out before the pump overheated and burned out. Your sump pump and pit may be working just fine, but if the pipes carrying water away from your house are blocked, the water has no place to go. This will cause your pump to run more than it is designed to, and if the pump burns out, you are looking at a costly repair. Save yourself some money, time and potential basement back up by calling us today and scheduling one of our licensed plumber to come out and check on your sump pump, pit, and drain lines. We’ll make sure you are ready for the rainy spring season!

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