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Best Plumbing Service of Cincinnati, Ohio want to help our plumbing customers in the Cincinnati area avoid a clogged drain. One out of five calls we receive at Best Plumbing Service in Cincinnati will be related to drain flow problems. Either the plumbing customer will have a sink drain with a slow drain or a sink drain not draining at all.

The good news is that almost all of the clogged drains are not due to faulty plumbing but to the slow build up of solids. The sink drains are not intended to cope with solids. Only a toilet is made to handle solid waste. The sinks, tubs and showers have drains designed to carry away water only. Hair, grease, soap, food scraps and gunk will build up and clog the drain. With the drain clogged you will experience a slow drain or no draining at all.

To keep a drain flowing you need to plan on once per week running hot water in the drain for about a minute or so. The flow of hot water should clear away small amounts of grease and soap and will keep them from building up. If your drain is completely stopped up do not use a chemical drain cleaner. The chemical drain cleaner will not help the problem, and some types will harden the blockage making the problem worse. Chemical drain cleaners can even damage plumping pipes. If you find yourself with drain flow problems, please e-mail or call us to get your drain flowing again.

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