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There are a lot of great aspects to living in Cincinnati – not the least of which are the wonderful attractions, restaurants and sporting events that are all over the place in our great metro. One thing that’s not at the top of our list?

Cincinnati’s hard water.

Hard water means that it contains more calcium and magnesium than the standard, or “soft water” does.

But what does that mean for your home?

Problems With Hard Water

You’ll be happy to know that having hard water in your home won’t actually affect the quality of the water (in fact, there can even be health benefits to drinking these minerals in your water).

It can, however, slow down your plumbing fixtures due to buildup that accumulates over time. This buildup also reduces the life expectancy of the plumbing fixtures, as they aren’t able to last as long with the mineral “scale” that is formed by the calcium and magnesium in the water.

Usually the pipes aren’t as affected by the mineral scale as the water is moving so quickly through them that it doesn’t have much time to stop and build up. The plumbing fixtures, however, need more frequent replacing in areas with hard water, like our great city.

Some other problems that come with hard water are:

Spotting and filming on dishes in the dishwasher
Soap film left on your body after showering or bathing
Hair left dull & lifeless after washing
Laundry can look dingy and feel scratchy after being washed in hard water
Clothing can have a shortened lifespan of up to 40% as an effect

Doesn’t sound like the best option, does it?

What You Can Do About It Well, you’ve got two choices:

Live with hard water (and its consequences), and simply replace your plumbing fixtures every few years, among the other inconveniences.Or,
Install a water softener in your home to remove unwanted hardness and minerals from your home’s water.

BEST Plumbing Service of Cincinnati supplies and installs Lancaster Legacy Series water softeners, and we’d be happy to give you an estimate on one for your home. Give us a call today at (513) 342-0323 .

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