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The best way to get the most for your dollar when hiring a plumber is to look for a Cincinnati licensed plumber. It sounds simple, but most of the big name, highly advertised, companies in Cincinnati do not have all licensed plumbers working for them. If you have ever hired the big name, highly advertised, plumbing companies than you might, unfortunately, already know the difference. If you have not then let Best Plumbing Service help you understand the difference between a technician and a licensed plumber.

A licensed plumber has to have successfully completed at least 5 years of apprentice training. This does include actually working as an apprentice or a helper in the plumbing field for 6,000 hours and participating in 1,240 hours of classroom education. The next step is to apply and pass the examination to become a licensed plumber. Once a plumber receives their license they will need to keep their license current by taking continued education classes to enhance their knowledge and stay up to date on industry standards.

A technician does not have this experienced background of training, knowledge or license. A technician will more than likely be the person sent to your house by the big named plumbing firms. These big name plumbing companies have the worst records for getting plumbing jobs done right the first time.

Best Plumbing Service does believe a licensed plumber can get the job done right the first time. We do not want to waste your valuable time coming back to get the job done. So do not waste your time or money believing all Cincinnati plumbing companies will give you the same results. We believe in giving the best to our customers that is why Best Plumbing Service will only have certified licensed plumbers working for you.

We are a family owned and operated Cincinnati plumbing company and believe in order to give you the best service we must have the best-licensed plumbers working for you.

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