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Our last post talked about sump pumps and gave you some links to some helpful tips and information on pumps. That post covered your primary sump pump. But what do you do if that pump fails? It can fail in two ways. The first way it can fail is if the pump itself develops a problem and quits working. The second way it can fail is if the power goes out.

A backup pump or secondary pump is installed to make sure your basement does not flood if your primary pump fails. This is very important if you have a finished lower level or are storing things in your basement that you do not want to be damaged by a flood.

There are several different secondary systems that can be installed to safeguard your basement from flooding. The most common is a battery back-up sump pump. This type of system relies on a separate battery to power a secondary pump in case of power outage or primary pump failure. There are also water powered systems that tie into your existing water supply and kick on in a time of need to draw water out of your sump pit and out to your drainage system.

The BEST Cincinnati plumbers are here to help! There are a lot of companies out there that will install these types of systems, but we highly recommend that you make sure you call a Cincinnati licensed plumber to handle the installation because there are plumbing codes that regulate these devices and you want to make sure that the system is installed correctly to protect your home. Contact Best Plumbing today at (513) 342-0323 to have one of our BEST Cincinnati licensed plumbers come out to your home and install the BEST back up system for you. Mention this blog post and we will take $25 off of your battery back-up sump pump installation.

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