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If you have been watching the weather forecast recently in Cincinnati you have heard the weather forecasters talking about the incoming cold snap. We have lived in Cincinnati all of our lives and we know to take the weather guys with a grain of salt, it is never as bad as they lead you to believe. With that said… it does remind us all that winter will be here before we know it.

Last winter was pretty brutal, and at BEST Plumbing we were overwhelmed with calls to repair frozen water lines, broken water lines, and frozen waste lines. If you had problems last year make sure you don’t get caught out in the cold again this year. Call BEST Plumbing today and schedule a time for one of our licensed plumber to come out and make sure you are protected from freeze ups this winter before it is too late.

We always get plenty of calls for frozen hose faucets like the one pictured above. This is probably the easiest to prevent but every year we get tons of calls. So if you are reading this post do us one favor and go outside and take your hose loose from the faucet. Leaving your hose attached to your outside hose faucet is the number one cause for frozen and busted water lines.

With the extended extreme cold, we got last year we also got a lot of calls for frozen waste lines. We don’t see those very often. As a matter of fact, my tub drain froze solid last year. My master bathroom is over my garage which is unheated. It has never frozen before, but last year the trap on my tub froze solid and my tub would not drain. It took three days for that drain to un-thaw so I could use my shower again. So if you have any plumbing on outside walls or pipes that run through unheated areas make sure you take precautions this year and give BEST Plumbing a call at (513) 342-0323 to make sure you don’t get frozen water lines or frozen waste lines this winter!

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