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When you need water heater repair or replacement, call the hometown plumbing service that has been serving the area for more than 30 years and an Angie’s List favorite for customer service. Don’t be without hot water for a single day. Call us for service and sales.

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The first sign you need hot water heater service in Cincinnati is when the flow from a tap is too hot or too cold. An icy shower is a rude surprise first thing in the morning, and you need it fixed as soon as possible. You may notice a rotten egg odor, or see puddles around the tank base. Our team is made up of Master Plumbers, which means we have extra training to fix what’s wrong. We also install all types of water heaters, both tank and tankless models.

Water Heater Service

Among the most expensive plumbing components in a home, heaters are basically water storage tanks from 20 to 60 gallons in size. They have intake valves for cold water, a dip tube that guides it to the bottom of the tank, and a sacrificial anode rod that prevents the tank from corroding. Tankless models contain heating elements that heat the supply directly from the pipes on the way to the appliances and fixtures.

If you have no hot water, you might want to check the thermostat first to see if it is set high enough. Also check for a blown fuse or circuit breaker if yours is electric. if yours is a gas model, make sure the pilot light is lit. These are simple water heater repairs anyone can do. If that doesn’t solve the problem, call our Cincinnati plumbing company. You could be facing a broken gas thermocouple or electric heating element. (Always be very careful around gas devices as there is a risk of explosion).

Banging, whirring and whistling noises can indicate several types of issues with water heaters. Sediment can build up inside the tank and literally be burned by the heating elements. Other times, the element itself can burn out and need replacement.

Installing a Water HeaterOur Cincinnati plumbers can troubleshoot and fix your problem right the first time. Our service team carries all the diagnostic equipment and tools needed, plus the know-how gleaned from decades of experience.

Water Heater Installation

Not all water heaters can be repaired. If you have a leaky tank, for example, you will most likely have to replace it. Now is a good time to buy because 2015 federal energy regulations will drive up the price of new units dramatically. Contact us about finding an energy-smart new tank model, or switch to an on-demand type that will help you save on utility bills. We can select one for you or you can buy it independently and we’ll install it for you.

We repair, install and replace water heaters in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, Madeira and all nearby areas in Ohio.

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