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Clogged toilet repair in Cincinnati is just a phone call away with our local plumbing services. Fixing a leaking or stopped-up commode is something the average homeowner does not enjoy, and it’s not always easy to do the job properly. A plunger may offer a quick fix but it’s not always the solution. We can get it working again or provide you with a new installation.

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A clogged toilet is often a sign of a greater problem and plumbing services are needed to determine the cause and fix the problem. We are state licensed Master Plumbers with more than three decades of experience in the area. Call us for your home or business.

Toilet repair becomes necessary for a number of reasons including malfunction of worn-out parts or a drain blockage. Parts can be easily and inexpensively replaced, but a clog may require special equipment if it’s deep down in the pipe, a large foreign object, or in the sewer line.

A toilet on the first floor often backs up because it is the lowest point in the drain system. When it is flushed the water may hit the blockage and back up or return up a separate drain, into a sink or tub. That is not a pleasant scenario. Call our local plumbing repair company now if flushing is a problem in your downstairs bathroom.

Toilet Repairs

Backups are a health hazard. Our plumbing services technicians will determine if the clog is the result of a blockage in the trap, drainpipe or sewer line. If it is the sewer line that is suspected we will spot it easily with our video equipment. It penetrates the line and can show the cause. It may be a simple narrowing of the line from build up, tree roots that have found their way into the line, or a total collapse of the pipe. You will see for yourself what the problem is and make the proper choice for repair.

In most cases, clogged toilet repairs are needed for a shallow blockage caused by the wrong material being flushed, like plastic, too much paper, sanitary items or even toys.

Cincinnati Toilet RepairToilet Running
Constant running is a common toilet repair. It's not only annoying; it can lead to a significant increase in water use and a higher bill. We fix this plumbing problem easily with parts we carry in our work vans. Remember that if yours keeps running, the issue will get worse until the tank no longer fills and it will not flush properly. One quick call and the problem will be fixed quickly at a reasonable cost. Why wait until you need a pot of water to flush?

If your commode is old and you want to invest in one of the new low-flow replacement toilets, we can locate a trusted name brand for you that fits within your budget, and install it for you.

We are a residential plumbing company that has done toilet repair in Cincinnati and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We are Master Plumber-licensed, fully insured and bonded. Check out our customer service kudos on Angie’s List.

When you search for plumbers in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, Madeira or nearby areas, look for us, we can get the job done right.

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