Fall is drain cleaning season!


As the leaves start to turn and fall from the trees in your yard it can be a beautiful time of year. But the leaves changing color are not the only thing that changes in the trees. During ...

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Is that a REAL Plumber Part II?


In our last blog post we talked about how some of the bigger “plumbing” companies are sending out un-licensed “technicians” and passing them off as licensed plumbers. Not only is this un-ethical, but it is against local and state ...

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Is that a REAL Plumber?


The plumbing industry is having a real problem. All of the skilled trades like HVAC, Electric, Plumbing have certain license and educational requirements that are mandated by local, city and state codes. Certain amounts of school and on ...

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Cincinnati Drain Clearing


Time for everyone’s favorite topic! Ready? DRAINS! I know, I know, this is not everyone’s favorite topic – just ours! We are plumbers, after all, and drains are what we do.

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