Sewer problems? BEST Plumbing has an affordable fix!


BEST Plumbing has been chosen by Pipe Patch to be one of only a select few contractors in the Great Cincinnati area that is certified by the manufacturer to install the Pipe Patch system on sewer lines. Pipe patch ...

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Are your pipes ready for the polar vortex?


If you have been watching the weather forecast recently in Cincinnati you have heard the weather forecasters talking about the incoming cold snap. We have lived in Cincinnati all of our lives and we know to take the weather ...

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Do your drains look like this?


We cut this pipe out of one of our customer’s homes Monday. This is a drain from a bathroom sink that is completely full of years of build-up. The house we were in was about 90 years old ...

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Fall is drain cleaning season!


As the leaves start to turn and fall from the trees in your yard it can be a beautiful time of year. But the leaves changing color are not the only thing that changes in the trees. During ...

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