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Best Plumbing in Cincinnati has been receiving several requests for information on proper ways of maintaining your garbage disposal. Being a family owned and operated Cincinnati plumbing company we are always looking for ways to help our plumbing customers. So we hope this information helps you get a few more years from your appliance, the garbage disposal.

The garbage disposal is a great appliance to have in the kitchen. This out of sight appliance makes cleaning up after meals less demanding. But if not properly maintained, a garbage disposal can easily breakdown and cause a plumbing and drain nightmare. Fortunately, maintaining your garbage disposal is very easy and not very time consuming.

To help you with maintaining your garbage disposal here are a a few tips Best Plumbing in Cincinnati would like to pass to our customers:

  1. Keep your garbage disposal clean. Squeeze a little dish soap into the garbage disposal drain and let the garbage disposal run for a minute or two with some cold water running into the drain.
  2. Run your garbage disposal daily. Use of your garbage disposal prevents rust and corrosion, you want all parts to stay moving and prevent obstructions from accumulating.
  3. Grind food waste with a strong flow of cold water.
  4. Grind peelings from citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges to freshen up drain smells.
  5. Cut large items into smaller pieces. Put them into the garbage disposal one at a time instead of trying to shove a large amount in at once.

The modern garbage disposer is a great convenience but it does have its limitations. Never put anything that is non biodegradable into your garbage disposal. This includes grease, large items, hard items and fibrous foods. Always, Always make sure that water is running while the disposal is operating. This will ensure that ground up kitchen waste can be swept down the drain and not become solid inside this appliance.

Best Plumbing Service hopes you get many years out of your garbage disposal by using the 5 simple steps. We would like to hear your feedback. Please like us on Facebook.

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