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Well, winter is upon us once again. Every year about this time we will start getting calls from customers whose outside hose faucets have ruptured and water is spraying all over their basement. Most of the time our customers do not immediatly notice the water leak, and by the time they are aware of the leak it has already caused a lot of property damage.

The Best way to make sure this does not happen to you is very simple. Remove the hose from the faucet. Most people (myself included) leave their hose connected to the outside faucet all summer. Watering the lawn, washing the car, washing the dog, I use the outside faucet a lot in the summer and it is simpler to leave the hose connected. But now that the temperature is starting to dip it is important to remove that hose to prevent freeze ups.

If you forget, and you need our help just give us a call at 513-793-2378 and we will send one of our licensed plumbers out right away.

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